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Audience members enter UpStage by following a web link from an email or web page; they do not need to download or install any additional software as long as they have a browser with the Flash player plug-in1. Audience members do not log in, and do not have access to the on-stage tools used by the players.

A splash screen covers the stage while it loads, preventing the audience from interacting until the stage is fully loaded. As the stage loads drawing is shown, once loaded the audience will see any graphics that have already been placed on the stage, they will see and hear the performance, and they will be able to participate in the text chat by typing into the text input field. Audience chat is silent.

The audience view of the stage is shown below: the text chat window is at the right, with an input field at the bottom and up-down scroll arrows on the right top and bottom corners. Above the text chat window, a counter shows how many players and audience members are on the stage. The rest of the screen is the "stage" where the visual action of the performance takes place. 

The Flash player plugin comes preinstalled with most browsers; if you don't have it, it is free to download here:^ 

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